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    Numerical calculation
    In the single-excitation case, the evolution of the excitation is constrained in the subspace spanned by and , which represent the direct product state of the photon, the excitation of the donor ring in the zero mode and the acceptor, respectively. Let be a single-excitation wave function with amplitudes u(t), v(t) and w(t) corresponding to the above basis vectors. The Schrödinger equation is reduced to and

    The energy transfer is usually understood as the transportation of excitations from the donors to the acceptor.,, The overall transfer efficiency is given by an integral

    In practice, the rate of excitations hopping from a donor to the acceptor and the rate of excitation transfer to an outside agent should both be larger than the rate of excitation dissipation for excited donors, i.e., and Γ > κ. As is typically done, we will set the parameters to be εA/ξ=12, J/ξ=0.1, g/ξ=0.3, ε/ξ=11.4 and Γ/ξ=0.3 with &#x003BE longchamp outlet; ≈ 10 ps−1. In most cases, we set the total donor number to be N=8. We illustrate the dependence of the efficiency on the detuning Δ=ω−εA and the dissipation parameter κ/Γ in . There exists a large peak at Δ=0 for a given κ/Γ, as explicitly shown in . For a system longchamp outlet comprising only a donor and an acceptor, where the donor is initially excited, there is an upper bound on the overall transfer efficiency η′max = Γ/(Γ + κ). For instance, this upper bound could have a value of η′max(κ/Γ = 0.5) = 2/3. In the present discussion, where light capture is included, the efficiency actually surpasses the upper bound. We also note that the efficiency increases as N becomes larger and that there is no optimal N in the present model due to our neglect drawback of the donor number, which is discussed elsewhere.

    It is also significant that the peak value of κ/Γ remains nearly unchanged for the situation of resonance Δ=0, as illustrated in . This observation reflects the fact that the efficiency is insensitive to the decay of the donor ring. To understand this phenomenon, we present the amplitudes of the photon mode, the donor zero mode and the acceptor in for the case of resonance Δ=0. At resonance, the excitation amplitude of the donor is highly suppressed. The suppression of the amplitude eventually reduces the energy dissipation and increases the efficiency beyond the bound η′max. We also note that the amplitude of the donor is strongly suppressed at resonance (Δ=0), with a comparison with the non-resonance case (Δ=2) illustrated in . This observation also explains the appearance of a peak longchamp-bags753.blooming at resonance. We explain the reason for the observed phenomenon here and longchamp outlet leave the physical mechanism for the next section.

    In the transfer process, another important quantity is the average transfer time, which longchamp outlet store is defined as

    To effectively utilize longchamp bags the energy, the excitation should be transferred with a high efficiency longchamp handbags The hours that followed are now and also within a short time scale. In , longchamp outlet we graph the average transfer time as a function of the dissipation rate of the donor κ and the detuning Δ. It can be readily seen in that the optimal frequencies for quick transfer are not at resonance (ω=ε+2g) but split into two, a phenomenon that is known as Rabi splitting in quantum optics. The two peaks can be determined by exactly diagonalizing the photon-assisted donor–acceptor system in the single-excitation subspace as

    As illustrated in , the transfer time reaches its minimum optimal point when ω=&#x003C9 longchamphandbags156.theclever;±, while the efficiency is not at its maximum. Under these cheap-longchampbags.stylelists circumstances, finding an optimal parameter for both the short transfer time and the high efficiency is not possible. We will resolve this dilemma by defining a more practical quantity in the following discussion.

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